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12/22/2021 We are back from our week off!

You don’t have to wait in your car anymore..





But we do still have a few guidelines we would appreciate that you follow:

1) If you feel sick go home. Or let us know you are sick so we can arrange a safe, contact-less handoff of your pet. THEN go home. COVID or not, the place for sick people is at home in bed getting better.
2) If you choose to come in for your appointment you are welcome to do so. We ask that if you are not fully vaccinated that you do wear a mask while you are in the clinic. Our staff is fully vaccinated and if you are as well we have left the choice of masking up to each individual, depending on their comfort level.
3) If you are here for a pickup of medications or food, please call the above number and our staff will take your payment information over the phone and bring out your receipt and your items. We welcome and encourage checks! Just let us know if you will be paying by check when you call and we will go ahead and pick that up when we bring out your stuff.
4) Our exam rooms are small and we ask that no more than one person accompany each pet. If there are special circumstances let us know so that we can be prepared and put you in an adequately-sized area.
5) At times we may ask you to wait in your car for a few minutes while we reduce some of the congestion at the front desk in order to allow for safe distancing. At the moment we are not using our front doors so you will come to the emergency room door on the west side of the building to enter.


Our goal is to keep your pets happy and healthy, and we’re dedicated to keeping them in great shape at any age.

February is Pet Dental Health Month


Want to learn more about what Horton-Central can do for you and your pet? Check out our FAQ section to see if your question can be answered from our website without leaving home.


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