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Boarding Prices for 2021

Cats, any size $16.50/day
Dogs, up to 25 pounds $18.00/day
Dogs, 26-55 pounds $19.00/day
Dogs, 56-90 pounds $20.50/day
Dogs, 91-130 pounds $22.50/day
Dogs, 131 pounds and up (in exercise run) $26.50/day

We will schedule your pet for the size cage we feel is most appropriate and comfortable. Some of our clients request an exercise run for their pet; when space is available we are happy to grant this request for smaller pets but the charge will be $26.50 per day.

All prices are per day. Charges begin with the day your pet is dropped off; the day they are scheduled to go home is not charged for as long as they are picked up before noon on that day, or are scheduled to receive a bath before going home. Example: Fluffy Jones, a fifteen pound Shih-Tzu, is dropped off on June 3rd and leaves at 11 a.m. on June 7th; she is not scheduled for a bath. Total boarding charges would be $62.00.

Additional Boarding Charges apply for:

Giving Medications
$4.00 per day

Giving heartworm or flea preventative that is brought with your pet to be given on a specific day does not incur this charge.

Extra Exercise
$5.00 per day

This includes additional trips outside for play and potty breaks; recommended for puppies or dogs with urinary tract issues.

Diabetic Charge
$12 per day

Charged for dogs and cats that require insulin injections; owner must bring insulin and syringes or we will use our own and charge for same. If a diabetic boarder needs oral medications as well, we do not charge the medication fee on top of the diabetic fee.

If you are comparing prices, you will notice our prices are considerably lower than many other facilities. Why is this? Our boarders are kept in a hospital environment, which is clean and monitored closely, but it is not a “luxury” type cage. We don’t provide televisions or massages or toys. What we do provide, is close attention to our patients under the supervision of experienced veterinary technicians. Our veterinarians are available for monitoring special-needs or at-risk patients, and should a medical problem arise they will begin treatment as soon as we can reach the owner and obtain permission.

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